Submetering Solutions for RV Parks – Reduce Utility Costs

Submetering is a utility management solution that is rapidly gaining popularity in the real estate industry, including RV parks. Submetering involves the installation of individual meters for utilities like water and sewer, and electricity in each RV lot. This allows for more accurate tracking of individual unit usage, enabling property owners to bill residents for their actual usage, rather than the RV Park owner absorbing the cost of the utilities. This approach incentivizes residents to be more conscious of their utility usage and encourages them to make efforts to reduce their consumption, leading to substantial savings on utility bills.
Water and sewer submetering is particularly effective in RV parks where usage is often inconsistent. Water and sewer submeters can track usage by lot, enabling property owners to identify areas where water and sewer usage is high and take steps to reduce it. This can lead to substantial savings on water and sewer bills and can help to reduce the overall water and sewer usage of the property.
Electricity submetering is also effective in RV parks. With individual electricity meters, property owners can accurately bill residents for their electricity usage, encouraging residents to be more conscious of their energy consumption. This can lead to lower overall electricity usage and cost savings for both residents and property owners.
NES is a leading submetering company that handles all aspects of submetering, including installation, maintenance, and billing, making it easy for RV park owners to implement submetering programs. NES offers customized submetering solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each RV park. With NES, RV park owners can take advantage of submetering technology to reduce utility usage and save money on their utility bills.
In conclusion, submetering is a highly effective utility management solution for RV parks. With NES, RV park owners can take advantage of submetering technology to reduce water, sewer, and electricity usage, and save money on their utility bills. Contact NES today to learn more about their submetering programs and how they can help your RV park save money and improve efficiency.

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Submetering and RUBS by NES
NES provides Submetering services around the country.

What is Submetering?

Utility Submetering involves the installation of equipment to measure and bill each unit’s water/sewer, gas, and electric use. Submetering has been used since it was invented in the early 1920s.

What are the benefits?

If you are trying to recover operating expenses for your apartment complex, Submetering is the answer.

When a property installs water submeters, tenants work harder to conserve, therefore reducing overall consumption dramatically. We typically see 15-30% water savings. Submetering is also instrumental in detecting leaks. Common area water usage can be accurately measured and billed accordingly.

Submetering can also increase the value of your apartment complex or mobile home park.

Bottom line: The real estate owner is able to save money since the tenants pay for the water they used. The return on the investment is usually seen within 12 months.


What types of real estate can be Submetered?

All types of real estate can be submetered. We serve both new construction and existing properties, those with equipment in place and those requiring equipment. Properties types include apartment communities, mobile home parks, townhomes, and condominiums. We specialize in properties with 100+ multifamily units.

What is RUBS and how can it help real estate that can’t be metered?

RUBS is an acronym for Ratio Utility Billing System. RUBS uses formulas to allocate utility costs for water/sewer, gas, and electricity when meters are not an option or if your investment dollars can be better utilized elsewhere. We have a variety of RUB options to choose from and our team will outline them in accordance with your goals.

Does Submetering have regulations?

Yes. Lots of regulations. The laws and regulations regarding submetering multi-family properties change frequently and vary greatly per state and county. If you plan on installing and servicing your own Submeters without NES (National Exemption Service), we highly recommend staying up to date with the latest regulations.

Can National Exemption Service handle my large property?

National Exemption Service ( is one of the largest Submetering companies in the USA. We currently provide Submetering and RUBS services in over 40 states with a focus on properties with more than 100 multifamily units. NES is uniquely structured to handle these large projects efficiently and professionally.

Our dedicated compliance team actively keeps up with state and county regulations, in-house customer phone and email support team provide friendly assistance and the President & Owner actively manages the entire team. Protect yourself from liability and let NES handle your real estate.

National Exemption Service (NES) President & Owner is also a voluntary board member of the Utility Management & Conservation Association which makes him privy to best practices in the industry.

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