“Customer Service is not a department – it’s an attitude.”

We want to provide you with a simple, effective utility management plan that will increase your bottom line and be flexible to change with your goals.

Our team is actually your team. We never forget whom we serve, and our staff includes professionals in the fields of accounting, customer service, law, IT, collections, construction, and technical services.

From Humble Beginnings...

NES was founded in 1968 and purchased by current ownership in 1988. In 1988 there was one employee: the owner. The first year he used a Commodore64 to type the utility bills for his first client which was an apartment community in St Petersburg, Florida. Today, the same owner oversees 100+ team members who send millions of utility bills every year. Throughout the decades, one thing hasn't changed: the friendly and professional service that sets NES apart in the utility management industry.
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The Industry Standard

NES continues to set the precedent in the submetering and utility management business. NES has even been involved with the creation of Submetering regulations around the country.

American Owned & Operated

The NES Team is based just outside Tampa, Florida. The bilingual call center is located inside the NES headquarters which means you won't speak to a robot if you need help.


NES is a family owned company that operates with honesty and transparency. NES even has a compliance department that stays up to date with the latest regulations.

Complete Utility Management

NES offers complete utility management solutions. Installation, billing, collections, repairs are all handled in house. Let NES simplify your real estate portfolio.

NES Milestones

2023 | NES provides EnergyStar benchmarking services to existing clients

2022 | NES services communities in 43 states, including Alaska

2021 | My Reads is now offered by NES

2020 | Utility Bill Pay by NES is launched

2019 | NES services over 40 states and sends millions of bills annually

2018 | NES celebrates 50 years in business with an updated logo

2014 to 2016 | NES retains Treasury Position on the UMCA Board of Directors

2011 | NES ownership is approached to testify as an expert witness in submetering, billing case

2007 | NES announces the addition of 39th state in which it does business

2005 | NES ownership voted to serve on the Board of Directors of the UMCA

2004 | NES works with regulators to draft NCUC regulations

1999 | NES announces reaching 25 states in which they do business

1998 | www.submeter.com, www.submeter.net launched

1996 | NES moves into new, corporate owned, headquarters

1994 | NES joins NSUAA, (now UMCA) the nations first association body of industry leaders, designed to promote utility conservation

1992 | Submetering of gas, and electric become the latest in services added to the submetering portfolio

1991 | Submetering of water added as a primary service to new, and existing clients. RUBS billing of all utilities announced and launched

1990 | Water conservation audits and installations are added as primary services to the existing client base

1988 | NES is purchased by current ownership who continues to be involved in day to day operations

1968 | NES is formed as National Utility Service in St. Louis, Missouri

0 Years in Business

NES is one of the most experienced utility management companies in the USA.

0 Month ROI

On average property owners see an ROI on submetering in the first 12 months.

0 States

The NES Team manages various utilities in 42 states.

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