What Can NES Collect?

National Exemption Service offers collection services that cover almost anything including:

• Monthly Rent or Homeowners Association Fees

• Water, Gas, Electric, Trash, Internet & Other Utilities

Collection Services by NES

Why Outsource Collections?

Time is money. NES will save your team hundreds of hours every month, allowing you to focus on operations. Collections is often the most time consuming part of managing real estate. NES employs a variety of tools that include: door hangers, tiered collection letters, advanced skip tracing, ringless voicemail and a dedicated specialist to manage and track past dues.
Submetering Collections

Why Choose NES?

NES is an American owned and operated company since its inception in 1968. Utility Management has changed dramatically over the decades, and NES has experienced it all. NES also offers unique customized solutions for even the most complex real estate management.
50+ Years Experience

Partner with a trusted Utility Management company that has the experience and capabilities to handle the largest of projects.

Billing, Collections, Compliance, Phone Support -- All In House

NES doesn't outsource. When you call NES, you speak to a human.

Online Payment Options & Autopay

NES provides online tools for managers and residents as well as a variety of payment methods. Residents can receive their water bill in their email.

50+ Years Experience
Reporting & Analytics
Property Manager Online Dashboard
Resident Online Dashboard
Bilingual Customer Support
Multiple Payment Options

Compare Utility Management Companies

National Exemption Service
Customized Solutions For Each Portfolio
50+ Years Experience
Sells submeters, repairs & installs
Variety of online payment options
Non-Proprietary Meters
In-house Bilingual Phone Support
On-boarding for managers
Financing & installation payment plans
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Other Companies
A Few Years Experience
Bills Residents
A few online payment options
Proprietary meters & software
Outsourced Phone Support

Let's Work Together.

We will contact you within 1 business day.

Please Note: At this time we only handle properties with 80 units or more. If you are currently billed by NES and have an issue with your bill, please contact a customer service team member.

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    Property Manager

    Nothing but a positive experience working with NES. Anita never fails to help assist us with everything we need both quickly and efficiently!

    Property Manager

    Great Company..... including receiving a personal call from the Owner. This shows us that your company cares about its customers.
    National Apartment Association
    Community Associations Institute
    Utility Management & Conservation Association
    Manufactured Housing Institute