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    Why Choose NES?

    NES is an American owned and operated company since its inception in 1968. Submetering has changed dramatically over the decades, and NES has experienced it all. Submetering started with manual meters that required someone to read the measurements monthly. Today, submeters are state of the art wireless devices that report water usage on a daily basis. NES even provides an extended warranty to landlords that covers all mechanical issues related to the meter. Unlike competitors, NES sells or leases the meters at cost which is unheard of in the submetering business.
    50+ Years Experience

    Partner with a trusted Utility Management company that has the experience and capabilities to handle the largest of projects.

    Extended Submeter Warranties

    NES will replace any equipment that breaks if NES is handling the billing.*

    Billing, Collections, Compliance, Phone Support -- All In House

    NES doesn't outsource. When you call NES, you speak to a human.

    Online Payment Options & Autopay

    NES provides online tools for managers and residents as well as a variety of payment methods. Residents can receive their water bill in their email.

    50+ Years Experience
    Bilingual Customer Support
    Complete Submetering Solution
    Nonproprietary Submeters
    Utility Management Portal
    Extended Submeter Warranties*

    Compare Submetering Companies

    National Exemption Service
    50+ Years Experience
    Sells meters, installs & bills residents
    Variety of online payment options
    Non-Proprietary Meters
    In-house Bilingual Phone Support
    On-boarding for managers
    Financing & installation payment plans
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    Other Companies
    A Few Years Experience
    Bills Residents
    A few online payment options
    Proprietary meters & software
    Outsourced Phone Support