The Future of Submetering: Embracing Virtual Submetering

NES offers submetering solutions around the country for multifamily properties.


The submetering industry has evolved significantly over the years, with innovative technologies and methods being introduced to optimize water usage, reduce costs, and promote conservation. One such advancement is virtual submetering, a game-changing solution that allows for remote monitoring, reading, and billing of water usage across multifamily properties nationwide. In this article, we will investigate the concept of virtual submetering, focusing on water submetering for multifamily properties, and explore how it revolutionizes utility management.
Understanding Virtual Submetering
Virtual submetering is a modern approach to submetering that leverages advanced technology and communication systems to remotely monitor, read, and bill water usage in multifamily properties. This innovative solution eliminates the need for on-site visits and manual readings, enabling property owners and managers to access real-time data and manage utility expenses more effectively.
The Benefits of Virtual Submetering
Virtual submetering offers numerous advantages for multifamily property owners and managers, including:
  • Cost savings: By eliminating the need for on-site visits and manual readings, virtual submetering reduces labor costs and streamlines the utility management process.
  • Accurate and timely data: Virtual submetering provides real-time access to water usage data, allowing property owners and managers to make informed decisions regarding water conservation and maintenance.
  • Improved tenant satisfaction: Virtual submetering ensures accurate billing based on actual consumption, promoting fairness and transparency, which can lead to increased tenant satisfaction.
  • Enhanced sustainability: With access to real-time data, property owners and managers can identify and address water leaks or inefficiencies promptly, reducing waste and promoting conservation.
  • Scalability: Virtual submetering enables property owners and managers to monitor and manage multiple properties across the country, providing a centralized solution for utility management.

NES: Pioneering Virtual Submetering Solutions

NES has been at the forefront of the submetering industry, providing reliable and efficient water submetering solutions for thousands of multifamily units across the country. NES’s virtual submetering services offer a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for property owners and managers seeking to optimize utility management remotely.
By partnering with NES, you can enjoy the benefits of virtual submetering, including:
  • Access to a secure, user-friendly online portal for monitoring and management of water usage data
  • Accurate billing services, ensuring fair allocation of utility costs based on actual consumption
  • Prompt and professional customer support through NES’s bilingual, in-house customer service team
Virtual submetering is the future of utility management, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for remote water submetering in multifamily properties. Embrace this innovative approach by partnering with NES, a trusted leader in the submetering industry, and unlock the potential savings and benefits of virtual submetering for your property.

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