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NES offers submetering solutions for medium and large properties.


Water is a crucial resource, and efficient management of water usage is vital for environmental and financial reasons. Property owners and managers are increasingly turning to water submetering software to accurately measure and bill individual tenants within multifamily properties.
NES is a turnkey submetering company that provides property owners and managers with real-time data on water usage, enabling them to identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions about water management. Additionally, NES bills residents for their water usage which dramatically reduces a property’s expenses since the resident is now responsible for their consumption.
The online NES submetering software is available to any property that uses NES for their resident billing.
Tenant Billing and Communication Software: A Convenient Solution for Tenants
NES’s resident billing software provides residents with an easy-to-use platform to view their utility bills, pay their bills, and set up autopay. This portal provides tenants with clear, itemized bills, incentivizing them to reduce their water consumption and promote sustainability.
MyReads Leak Detection Software: A Revolutionary Technology
Another innovative submetering software solution offered by NES is daily leak detection software called MyReads. This technology uses advanced sensors to detect leaks in real-time, alerting property owners and managers to potential issues before they become major problems. By identifying leaks early on, residents can save money on water costs and reduce the risk of water damage.
By leveraging these water submetering software solutions, property owners and managers can enhance water efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Contact NES today to learn more about how their water submetering software can benefit your commercial property.

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