Submetering Revenue: How Water Submetering Will Benefit Multifamily Property Owners

Submetering and RUBS by NES
NES provides Submetering services around the country.
Water submetering is a method used by property owners to accurately track individual water usage in apartments, condos, and mobile home parks. By measuring and billing each unit’s water consumption, property owners will recover most utility costs and promote water conservation.
One significant benefit of water submetering is the potential for revenue generation. By billing residents for their actual water usage, property owners will reduce overall water consumption and increase revenue. With water rates continuing to rise, property owners who implement water submetering will protect themselves from escalating water bills and increase revenue.
Water submetering will also provide financial benefits for property owners in the form of reduced maintenance costs. By accurately tracking individual water usage, property owners will detect leaks early, reducing the likelihood of costly water damage to their properties. Additionally, water submetering encourages residents to conserve water, reducing the overall wear and tear on plumbing and fixtures and extending their lifespan.
When considering implementing water submetering, it’s important to choose a reliable and experienced submetering company. NES (National Exemption Service) is a leading submetering company that provides customized submetering solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each property owner. NES’s water submetering technology enables property owners to accurately track individual water usage in each unit, helping to identify areas of high usage and encouraging residents to conserve water.
NES provides a range of water submetering services, including installation, maintenance, and billing. With NES, property owners can easily implement water submetering programs in their properties, enabling them to reduce water usage and save money on their water bills. NES also offers 24/7 support to assist property owners throughout the submetering process.
If you are a multifamily property owner, water submetering will provide significant financial benefits. By accurately tracking individual water usage and billing residents accordingly, property owners will reduce water consumption, increase revenue, and lower maintenance costs. NES offers customized water submetering solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each property owner. Contact NES today to learn more about their water submetering services and how they will help you increase revenue and promote water conservation in your multifamily property.

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