Submetering Billing

NES is a leader of submetering billing services in the United States. NES can provide billing services for your property or portfolio if you have more than 100 units. NES can also provide metering equipment and wireless repeaters.

NES has a dedicated team that handles customer service, which ensures your manager or residents can get answers quickly. Learn more about the history of NES here.

When choosing a submetering billing company, it’s important to consider these factors:

  1. Company History – Verify the submetering company’s history to ensure you don’t choose an inexperienced company
  2. Pricing – Get pricing upfront for installation, billing, meter replacement, and software fees and clarify there are no hidden costs
  3. Private or Public Company – Publicly held utility billing companies are limited with their capabilities
  4. Customer Reviews – Check the companies Google Reviews to make sure they have great feedback from their current clients
  5. Referrals – Ask for a few properties to contact and ask if they satisfied with their experience
  6. Authorized Reseller – Verify they are authorized resellers of whichever meters you are purchasing
  7. WiFi and Cellular Capabilities – Ask upfront if they have both capabilities since your property may require either
  8. Meter Replacement Warranties – Do they offer warranties on any equipment you purchase from them?
  9. Vacant Recovery – Verify they offer vacant recovery services
  10. Customer Service – Do they have an in-house customer service center in case residents have questions?
  11. Online Payment Portal and Payment Options – Compare payment options and ease of access to the online resident and manager portal
  12. Software Integrations – Verify the company integrates with your rent roll software and accounting software.

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