Residential Submetering: Why It Will Save You Money

Submetering and RUBS by NES
NES provides Submetering services around the country.
Residential submetering is one of the best ways for property owners of apartment complexes, condo communities, and mobile home parks to reduce utility costs and increase energy efficiency. When you install submeters for each unit in the property, property owners will accurately track individual utility usage and bill residents based on their actual usage, rather than absorbing the costs of that utility bill.
Residential submetering also encourages residents to reduce their utility consumption, leading to a significant reduction in utility costs, which are now passed onto them.
NES offers customized submetering solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each property owner. NES’s submetering technology enables property owners to accurately track individual usage and provide real-time data on utility consumption, which will help identify high-usage areas, detect water leaks and encourage residents to conserve water.
Residential submetering is a highly effective utility management solution that will help property owners reduce utility costs. By implementing residential submetering solutions from NES, property owners will reduce utility costs and increase property cash flow.

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