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Mobile Home Park Submetering
NES Submeters Mobile Home Parks in McAllen and across Texas.
Are you an owner or manager of a mobile home park in the McAllen, Texas area? NES, a premier submetering company, offers tailored solutions that offer an unparalleled level of efficiency and water cost savings, while boosting resident satisfaction.
Submetering: The Best Practice To Reduce Usage
Submetering, a process to measure individual unit utility usage, has been a reliable solution for property owners for decades. It enables the precise tracking of water consumption, leading to improved water management, precise resident billing, and an overall increase in property value and resident satisfaction. Residents will now pay for the utilities they consume and NES will handle all of the billing and paperwork.
Unleashing the Potential of NES Submetering for Mobile Home Parks
Consider the following real-world examples that underline the transformative potential of NES submetering services:
Case Study: 130 Mobile Homes in Texas: After the installation of submeters, water and sewer expenses saw a 30% reduction. With the further introduction of resident billing, the costs nosedived to $6,600 per year, resulting in a whopping 95% decrease in the park’s water expenses. Implementing submetering led to a substantial increase in annual revenue by over $113,000.
Case Study: 140 Mobile Homes in New Mexico: Following NES submetering implementation, the investor observed a staggering 99% reduction in water and sewer expenses. Annual expenses dropped from $26,400 to a mere $264, offering the investor 100x savings on water utility costs.
Integrating RUBS for Unmetered Properties
For properties where meter installation is not possible, NES offers the Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS). RUBS determines each mobile home’s water and sewer usage based on various factors including the number of occupants and the total square footage. By fairly distributing water and sewer costs, RUBS aids in minimizing water waste and enhancing overall water management.
Navigating Submetering Regulations
Submetering follows a set of state and local laws that ensure proper installation and maintenance of submeters, meter accuracy, and correct billing processes for residents. These regulations can vary depending on the property type and location. NES assists property owners in adhering to these laws by offering expert services in more than 42 states.
Why NES is the Right Choice for Your Large Mobile Home Park
NES is recognized as one of the top submetering companies in the country, specializing in large properties with over 100 mobile homes. Our in-house compliance team stays updated with the latest state and county regulations, ensuring your property adheres to all legal requirements. Our President and Owner, who is also a board member of the Utility Management & Conservation Association, ensures the company stays ahead of industry trends and adopts best practices.
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