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Mobile Home Park Submetering
NES Submeters Mobile Home Parks in Lakeland-Winter Haven and across Florida.
Are you looking to optimize utility usage, reduce costs, and increase resident satisfaction in your mobile home park in Lakeland-Winter Haven? NES, a leading mobile home park submetering company, provides comprehensive submetering services that are designed to bring these benefits and more to your property.
Understanding Submetering
Utility submetering is a practical approach to measuring each unit’s portion of a master-metered utility, a method that has been successfully reducing expenses for property owners since the early 1920s. Submetering accurately tracks individual water usage, leading to improved water management, accurate resident billing, increased property value, and improved resident satisfaction.
NES Submetering Solutions for Mobile Home Parks
Take a look at two compelling case studies that illustrate the significant savings and increased revenue NES submetering services can bring to your property:
140 Mobile Homes in New Mexico: After implementing NES submetering, the investor’s annual unrecovered water and sewer expenses plummeted by 99%, from $26,400 to just $264. The investor now enjoys 100x savings in water utility expenses.
130 Mobile Homes in Texas: The installation of submeters led to a 30% reduction in water and sewer expenses. Following the implementation of resident billing, costs dropped further to $6,600 per year, marking a 95% decrease in the park’s water expenses. This change amounts to an increase in annual revenue exceeding $113,000.
Introducing RUBS: A Solution for Non-Submetered Properties
For properties where installing individual meters isn’t feasible, NES offers Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS). This method calculates each unit’s water and sewer usage based on factors like occupancy, the number and type of appliances, and square footage. By providing a fair way to distribute water and sewer expenses, RUBS contributes to reducing water waste and improving overall water management.
Submetering: A Regulated Practice
Submetering is regulated by various state and local laws, which ensure the installation and maintenance of submeters, the accuracy of the meters, and the proper billing of residents. The regulations can vary depending on location and property type. NES helps property owners comply with these regulations, offering professional expertise and comprehensive services across more than 42 states.
Choose NES for Your Large Mobile Home Park
NES is one of the largest submetering companies in the United States, specializing in properties with more than 100 units. Our team of experts can manage large projects efficiently and professionally, keeping up with all state and county regulations. Our president and owner, who is also a board member of the Utility Management & Conservation Association, brings best industry practices to our operations.
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