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NES services multifamily properties around the country.
Water submetering is a practical solution for multifamily properties aiming to improve water management and promote conservation. Before implementing a submetering system, property owners should conduct a water submetering assessment with the help of NES.
Items Needed for a Water Submetering Assessment:
  1. Property layout and blueprints: Providing detailed property layouts and blueprints will help the NES team understand the building’s plumbing infrastructure. This information is essential for determining the feasibility of installing a submetering system as well as understanding the placement of wireless repeater equipment.
  2. Historical water usage data: Collecting historical water usage data from past utility bills will help the NES team analyze consumption patterns, identify inefficiencies, and estimate ROI timeline. This data will also help establish a baseline for comparison once the submetering system is in place.
  3. Current billing structure: Understanding your property’s current billing structure is crucial for developing a fair and accurate submetering billing system. Share your current billing practices with the NES team to ensure a smooth transition to submetered billing.
  4. Resident information: Collecting information about your residents and their leases is essential for implementing submetering. This information will also help NES onboard residents and setup billing.
The Benefits of a Water Submetering Assessment
Conducting a water submetering assessment offers several advantages for multifamily properties:
  1. Identifies water-saving opportunities: An assessment will help property owners identify areas where water usage will be reduced, leading to significant savings in both water consumption and utility costs.
  2. Reduces Property Expenses: After implementing submetering, water expenses will be reduced dramatically because residents are now paying their usage. This will increase the value of your property by increasing cashflow.
  3. Supports conservation efforts: A water submetering assessment demonstrates a commitment to resource conservation and sustainability, which will help attract environmentally conscious residents and increase the overall value of the property.
Preparing for a water submetering assessment is a crucial first step in submetering your property. By gathering the necessary information and working with NES, property owners will make informed decisions about implementing submetering systems. In turn, this will lead to reduced water consumption, reduced utility expenses, fair billing, and increased property value, contributing to a more sustainable future.


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