Does RUBS Billing Save Money?


How Much Does Submetering Cost?
RUBS costs nothing to implement and does not require any equipment to be installed. The return on investment can be realized instantly.


Can RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) help my multifamily property save money?

Yes. RUBS Billing allows for utilities to be divided fairly amongst residents. When residents are directly responsible for consumption, utility costs drop typically 15-30%.

Other submetering benefits:

  • No upfront investment of submeters, which can be expensive.
  • Submeters can not always be installed due to property plumbing and available space.
  • Common area usage can be divided among residents typically.
  • Real estate managers and owners no longer waste time dealing with water bills, NES handles all billing.
  • RUBS allows more consistent monthly cash flow for owners.

What types of real estate can utilize RUBS?

Most types of real estate can utilize RUBS. NES (National Exemption Services) specializes in properties with over 100 multifamily units.

Properties types include:

  • Apartment Communities
  • Townhomes
  • Condominium
  • Mixed-Use Real Estate

State laws and local regulations often dictate the types of real estate which can utilize RUBS.

What is ‘RUBS billing’ and how can it help real estate that can’t be metered?

RUBS is an acronym for Ratio Utility Billing System. RUBS uses formulas to allocate utility costs for water when meters are not an option or if your investment dollars can be better utilized elsewhere. NES (National Exemption Services) provides a variety of RUB options and will outline the options in accordance with your goals. Please note: Some states and counties do not allow RUBS billing, contact us to learn if your county does.


Does RUBS have regulations?

Yes. Lots of regulations.

The laws and regulations regarding RUBS and multi-family properties change frequently and vary greatly per state and county. If you plan on implementing RUBS for your property without NES, we highly recommend staying up to date with the latest regulations to avoid legal battles.

National Exemption Service ( is one of the largest RUBS companies in the USA. We specialize in properties with 100+ multifamily units, we are uniquely suited to handle these large projects efficiently and professionally. NES has a dedicated compliance team to keep up with state regulations.

National Exemption Service (NES) President & Owner is also a voluntary board member of the Utility Management & Conservation Association which makes him privy to best practices in the industry. NES currently services real estate in nearly every state.


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