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Did your property recently have a high water bill?

For landlords, a sudden spike in water bills is often the first sign of a hidden problem. Unnoticed leaks can be financially draining and difficult to detect. In many cases, even after thorough checks, no obvious signs of leakage appear. Something as simple as a stuck toilet flapper could lead to substantial water wastage, costing thousands of dollars over time.
The challenge lies in detecting these leaks early to prevent extensive damage and avoid unnecessary high water costs. Implementing effective water usage monitoring systems is crucial for early detection and managing these risks efficiently.

MyReads Leak Detection by NES

MyReads Leak Detection provides comprehensive monitoring of your property’s water usage daily, ensuring you stay ahead of costly leaks. Property managers and their teams receive daily email reports detailing water consumption, with additional options to review data weekly, monthly, or annually. This proactive monitoring helps in quickly identifying leaks, significantly reducing the risk of receiving unexpectedly high water bills at the end of each month.
Equipped with innovative wireless submeters installed directly on your property’s main water line—or any other critical point—you can manage water usage effectively. Whether you need just one submeter for a smaller setup or multiple units for extensive coverage, MyReads is scalable to meet any requirement. Each meter is preconfigured for specific property needs, ensuring precise measurement and monitoring.
The installation of these submeters is straightforward as they do not rely on WiFi or electricity; they operate on long-lasting batteries and require only a minimal cellular data signal at the installation site. This makes them an ideal solution for a wide range of properties, from single-family homes to large residential complexes with over 500 units.
NES is proud to offer MyReads Leak Detection across all property sizes, ensuring that every landlord has access to advanced tools for managing water usage and preventing leakage-related expenses.
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MyReads Implementation

NES will program and configure the meter and mail it to you. Simply get a plumber to install and you're done.
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    Tell Us What You Need

    Complete the property information form to get started. We need to determine how many meters you will need, the sizes, threading and more.

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    Equipment Configuration

    NES will preconfigure the wireless submeter for your specific property. If you need multiple submeters, they will be preconfigured and labeled for each unit, building and property.

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    NES will mail the preconfigured submeters for your plumber to install. After the meter is installed, you are all set. The battery lifespan is several years and the meters do not require WiFi.

  • 4.

    Daily Usage Reports

    Visit Myreads.submeter.com to choose your MyReads settings and reports, alerts and more. Maintenance or property managers can also have accounts to monitors usage.


Pricing for MyReads Leak Detection is $59.95/Month per Submeter. Included in that pricing:
  • Daily Water Usage Reporting
  • High Usage Alerts
  • Submeter Cellular Data
  • NES Technical Service
  • Property Manager Login
  • Maintenance Manager Login

*MyReads requires a wireless water meter, which is sold separately. If you currently have wireless meters, they may be compatible with MyReads.

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